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bunnygirls's Journal

I'm somebunny... are you?
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Welcome bunny girls & fans of bunny girls! Apologies for the gender-specific community name... bunny boys are most welcome, too. Dress like a bunny, feel like a bunny, act like a bunny, just really like bunnies? Come on in!

~Feel free to post your bunny-riffic pictures and links to same; questions, suggestions, & links to bunny fashion; or just general bunny chatter.

~Please do *not* post quizzes or surveys (unless, perhaps, they're directly bunny-related & behind a LJ cut-tag).

~Please cut large photos, or more than the first one or 2 pix in a series.

~Do NOT post advertisements for other communities unless they're clearly bunny-related, or you've gotten clearance from the moderator (zoloft, or serafeminem at yahoo dot com ).

Note: this is not specifically a furry, fetish, or cheesecake community, but tasteful anthropomorphic nudity is sometimes posted. If you're underaged or likely to be bothered by such things, this may not be the community for you. Likewise, if you're going to post a non-PG pic, please put it behind a LJ cut w/ a warning for those who may be viewing from work or otherwise may not wish to be ambushed by nekkid bunnies. :D

Questions, suggestions, complaints, etc can be sent to zoloft.

Not quite your cup of furry tea? Still not enough to satiate your craving for the wearing of fake ears? Check out kitty_ears!
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